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Dear Customers,
You may be most likely confused to some degree about China's market or weak on identifying Chinese manufacturer vendors. You may be unsure what the best items & services you can find based on your target but presuming that you have the goods in mind. You may likely waste time and money traveling to take part in China's shows or visit China that do not really bring you result & meeting your expectations sometimes.
Now you can rely on Sportrend to simplify the purchasing process and reduce the time and expense involved. When you select Sportrend as your purchasing partner in China, here are the services you may need and you can expect:
* Sample Service: 
We are always dedicated to the efforts of delivering a satisfactory sample according to your detailed requirements. We can use courier/express to send samples to your office.
* Order Process Supervision: 
We will follow up your purchase order the most closely with you and our manufacture, making sure everything such as product quality, packaging / manual, exact quantity, shipment date going well as expected.
* Pre-shipment Inspections: 
A final comprehensive inspections will be made by Sportrend before the container/shipment goes out of our manufacurers. The inspections will cover: 
-the order quantity, confirming correct quantity is loaded; 
-status of packing, confirming the goods well packaged for sea/air shipment; 
-carton print, confirming the carton design is well proceeded as required; 
-instruction manual, making sure it is along with the goods; 
-spare parts, confirming the quantity is correct and well packaged; 
-other special notes.
* Freight Service / The Faster Delivery:
We have our shipping forwarder, we can arrange the sea/air shipment from Shanghai, China to your port.  Just let us know which port to be shipped to, and we can provide the least freight and arrange the perfect shipment for you.
According to our customers' feedback, our delivery(lead) time is much faster than others, which catch up the promotional schedule of our customers on time.
*GSP FORM A certificate / Certificate of Origin:
We will provide you with the above certificates from our local authority for your customs preferential purpose.
As our dear customers, you are now released to focus on the core business! 
Thank You !

Services & Supports

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