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Sportrend Enterprise is a professional supplier of recreational sport products in China with over 18 years experience. We are supplier for worldwide sporting / fishing / boating / marine companies and customers especially for electric outboard motors. We mainly focus on high-quality electric trolling motors including new brushless trolling motors, which we hope will not only enhance your recreational angling fun, but also help you achieve the interests you fish for. 
We pride ourselves by always offering valuable products at high quality and reasonable prices with punctual delivery and constant supporting services. Products available here are supplied from our own joint-venture manufacturers in China, which have been in the industry for many years. We understand that trust bring people together and make business move forward. We are blessed with trust from our customers and we dedicate to our new friends with sincerity as ever. We help our global customers shorten the sourcing and buying process in China, smoothen order operation, meanwhile enhance quality control and transportation operation. 
Sportrend is well positioned to capitalize on the substantial market opportunities with you.
Choose Sportrend Enterprise, choose satisfaction on your business in China !
Primary Business Type: China manufacturer & supplier. 
Year Started: over 18 years. 
Our Principle:      
*Customers are our first priority we understand well that we grow because our esteemed customers grow. 
It is our first priority to offer satisfactory service & support to our customers. 
*Sincerity & Trust which brings people together and make business move forward, we are blessed with trust from customers and we will dedicate to our new friends with sincerity as ever. 
*High-Quality Products we brand the lesson on our mind for the quality, we commit our customers with quality products for ever.
Products Range: electric trolling motors, boats electric motor, fishing boats & kayaks, watercrafts.
Quality & Safety Approval: CE, GS, UL, ISO9000:2001. 
OEM Service: Yes. 
Focus Markets: worldwide, mainly Europe, USA, Australia & New Zealands.       

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